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Still victim-blaming


On feimineach.com: Still victim-blaming:

I actually had an argument about this issue elsewhere on the web some weeks ago. It was all over the blogsosphere that the Church of Scientology (yeah, that’s not a terrifying crowd at all!) is forcing women to have abortions, sometimes late on in pregnancy. Now, my first thought about this was that Scientologists are anti-abortion. As it happens, they are. On the surface. And let’s face it, them Scientologists aren’t all about you digging deeper now are they? But someone did.

Jezebel, a mainly feminist online magazine, reports that members of the Church of Scientology, or more precisely members of the religious order Sea Organization (the management wing of the church, it seems), are claiming they were coerced and pressured into having unwanted abortions. (Rest.)

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