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Fear dictates Ireland’s abortion policy


On feimineach.com: Fear dictates Ireland’s abortion policy:

I’m very much behind on my posts and have too many posts sitting in drafts waiting to be finished or, at the very least, cobbled together.

This piece which was recently published in the Guardian resonates greatly with me. As a pro-choice and pro-abortion women who has spent most of her life so far living in Ireland, I know that there is such a climate of fear around abortion there that pro-choice and pro-abortion women (and men) are often frightened to speak their mind about abortion. The anti-abortionists/ anti-choicers in Ireland are very powerful, and they of course have the full backing of the Catholic Church and, by extension, the Government and legal system. Nothing changes in Ireland unless the Church says it can change. But it’s more than just taboo; it’s an unspoken and pervasive acceptance that it is very unlikely that abortion will ever be discussed rationally, fairly and purposefully in Ireland in our lifetimes. The anti-choice movement has become so prominent there that it has become almost impossible to stand up for abortion rights. (Rest.)

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