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Feminists doing feminism all wrong (or so we’re told)


On feimineach.com: Feminists doing feminism all wrong (or so we’re told)

ETA: despite the several hateful and humiliating machinations by The Sun this week, this is all still very relevant.

Small victories, right? There’s nothing so controversial as a small victory for feminism. They’re good, sort of, but then why did feminists bother doing this and not that? In fact, why didn’t the lazy fuckers do both? And why didn’t they sort out ALL social justice gripes while they were at it? glosswatch.

The demise of Page 3 yesterday (praise the gods) didn’t please everyone. There were complaints from Page 3 fans whose every day from now until the end of time will never be the same, and there were accusations of censorship, and there were quite a lot of “clever” arguments about how the #NoMorePage3 campaign had put 100s of women out of work. (That’ll get ’em, lads!) All of those are obvious though. What was less predictable – and all the more insidious for it – was the criticism that in campaigning for #NoMorePage3, feminists (for it is they who did it) were neglecting all of the much more important and pressing social issues which need their attention. This is something we hear a lot. The “devil’s advocate” is always full of ideas for what we should be doing. (Rest.)

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